EarlyBird Preloved

We are extremely excited to announce our new platform; Early Bird Preloved.
A place to give your preloved designer items a second chance and reduce the impact of clothes waste on our planet.

How it works? 

EarlyBirds are invited to passover their preloved clothes to us, we double check and carefully select what we believe will be loved by the members and get back to you with a quote on how much we believe we could make you.

Then, we professionally photograph, model and launch your items to our club of over 4,000 customers. The items will be promoted through emails, adverts and social media to give them the best chance of being seen. When we sell your item to a lovely new home then send you 50% of all profits made from your item. If your item does not sell after 6 weeks, no problem, we will send it right back to you free of charge. 

For more information or to chat to us about anything you may want to sell, please email Katy or Charlotte at info@earlybirdclub.co.uk

Happy Selling !