www.earlybirdclub.co.uk interviewed on Sky News

EarlyBird on Sky News

Ashish Joshi (@ashishskynews) from Sky News was doing a piece on the opening up of shops and whether we’ll return from the new world of e-commerce.

He asked EarlyBird if we could do an interview about building a business in lockdown, of course we said yes.

We partner retailers with stores, so we hope there’s still a future for the High Street. But equally, EarlyBird took flight in lockdown, because we think we can give our Members exclusive bargains on great brands….without leaving the sofa.

We also did it to give surplus stock a second chance of a home. Sites like bbc.co.uk and ft.com have so many stories about surplus stock in bonfires and incinerators, we wanted to do our bit to reduce waste in retail.

And the response has been amazing, with brands like Loop Cashmere, IRIS Fashion, Law & Co signed up and many more to come.

I’ve never been on TV before, so it’s added a couple more grey hairs to my (already grey) lockdown hair. And, if nothing else, we’ve had our 5 seconds of fame…

Charlotte & Katy. x