EarlyBird working with Smartworks

Smart Works, for Women

Smart Works is a charity which dresses and coaches unemployed women to help them get the job and transform their lives.
Being unemployed for a sustained period of time can be one of the most demoralising experiences any woman can have. Covid-19 has made that a reality for so many people.
Smart Works helps vulnerable women in that situation succeed in their job search, by giving them a smart outfit and one-on-one interviewing coaching. It's a simple idea that works - they have been Nesta accredited for measurable impact, and 94% of women reported that a visit to Smart Works significantly increased their confidence in succeeding at their job interview. 65% of clients get the job within one month of their Smart Works appointment.
One of the things Smart Works needs is high quality, interview-appropriate clothing. EarlyBird wants to try and help with that. Unsold stock from our brands will be donated to Smart Works. We’re also encouraging our customers to think about re-directing their Returns to Smart Works rather than to the brands.
Visit smartworks.org.uk for more information
SmartWorks Clothes